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Grammatical notes

Noun (Исем)

There are two forms of nouns: the singular and the plural which organizes with endings -лар/ -ләр; нар/ -нәр. For instance:
тәрәзә - тәрәзәләр (window - windows)
китап -китаплар (book - books)
алым - алымнар (method - methods)
төн - төннәр (night -nights)
There are no genders in Tatarian language. Strange as it may seem, there  are no articles. However there are six cases and also special category possession. For instance:
My baby - бала-м
Your baby - бала-ң
His (her) baby - бала-сы
Our baby - бала-быз
Your baby - бала-гыз
Their baby - бала-лары
Special meaning has ending -ныкы / -неке
баланыкы -baby's

Adjectives (сыйфат)

There are two forms of adjectives: the quality form and the relative form.
quality form: зәңгәр чәчәк - blue flower, матур кыз - beautiful gerl
relative form: машиналы - having machine, урманлы - having forest
Special position: noun with noun (изафәт) when one noun plays character adjective.

Adverbs (рәвеш)

Adverbs describes actions and relatives by verbs.

Verbs (фигыль)

Verbs have following infinitive endings: -рга / -ргә, -ырга / -ергә, -арга / -әргә
For instance: бар-ырга  - to go,  сөйләргә  - to speake
Basic form hasn't endings
бар - go, сөйлә - speake
Negative form has suffix -ма / -мә
куй - куйма (to put - to putn't)
сөй - сөймә (to love - to loven't)
кайтмалар - they comen't back
There are nine forms of tense, which it not been possible to mention in so short a grammatical summary.

Also there are have following parts of Speech: the numeral, the pronoun, the conjunction, the interjection, there are not preposition, in preposition place of after(position).

Guide to pronunciation of Tatarian words

Аа    [a]    must, father
Әә    [a']    long and soft vowel
Бб    [b ]    bat
Вв    [w ]    wen
Гг     [g ], [gh]    get, ghost
Дд    [d ]    den
Ее    [ye]    yet, let
Җҗ   [zh]     large, just
Зз     [z ]     is, zero
Ии     [i' ]     sit, meet
Йй     [y ]     yellow, boy
Кк      [k ], [q]   kind, quick
Лл      [l  ]     let
Мм     [m ]    man
Нн      [n ]     nut
Ңң      [ng]     song, spring
Оо      [o]     stop, not
Өө      [o']     shot and soft vowel
Пп      [p ]    pat
Рр      [r ]     error
Сс      [s ]     sum
Тт       [t ]     top
Уу      [u ]     moon, book
Үү      [u']    soft vowel
Фф     [f ]      fit
Хх      [kh]    as in Scottish "Loch"
Һһ      [h ]    help
Чч      [ch]      chair
Шш    [sh]     shut
Ыы     [i  ]      this vowel has no equivalent in English (about)
Ээ      [e ]     any
Юю    [yu]    unite, few
Яя      [ya]       yard

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а.  -  алмашлык  -  pronoun
бәйл.  -  бәйлек  -  afterposition
и.  -  исем  -  substantive
кер.сүз  -  кереш сүз  -  introductory word, foreword
кис.  -  кисәкче  -  particle
күпл.  -  күплек  -  plural
рәв.  -  рәвеш  -  adverb
с.  -  сыйфат  -  adjective
сан.  -  сан  -  numbers
терк.  -   теркәгеч  -  conjunction
ф.  -  фигыль  -  verb
ы.  -  ымлык  -  interjection
җый.  -  җыймә исем  -  collective substantive
и.;с.  -  изафәт  -  or substantive either adjective

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